Do you have a child who will be balancing school work with sports or extra curricular activities this fall? Study Skills is a comprehensive 12 week program that empowers students to manage their time, schoolwork, and extra-curricular activities more efficiently. All strategies are easy to integrate into an immediate routine.  


Topics explored will include: 
Time and task-management
Organizing at home & school
Note-taking strategies
Paper organization
Test-taking strategies
Homework/project planning
Communication & Effective Skills
Reading skills
Writing strategies


Staying organized and studying effectively deliver lifelong benefits of knowing how to learn, remembering necessary information, finishing what you start, and balancing work and play.


Program Fee:

$72/month (30 Minute Sesions- Based on 4 Lessons/Month)

$144/Month (60 Minute Sessions-Based on 4 Lessons/Month)


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