What better time than the start of a new year to allow your child to train their brain with logic games and fun activities that can boost brain power? Students will circulate according to their interests among 3 stations- brain games, Pokemon, and chess.


Do you know a child who collects Pokemon? Not only will children get to connect with other Pokemon fans, but they'll also learn how to play the card game. Math learning connections, such as addition, subtraction, and probability will be used throughout the program. A representative from the Local NPC Games & Comics in Sydney will be working with us to deliver this program.


Students will also have an opportunity to play chess as the third option in this class. Did you know chess is known to increase student's problem solving skills and uses both sides of the brain? There's no better time than the present to allow your child to build a better brain by training and sharpening their mind in this 3-IN-1 winter program.


Program Day: Saturday Mornings

Time: 10:05-11AM

Grades: P-6

Dates: January 12th-March 30th (12 Classes)


If you'd like to reserve a spot for your child, please contact Launchpad Learning Academy by email or phone today!


Email: contact@launchpadlearningacademy.com


Tel: (902) 565-9955