Calling all builders and lego enthusiasts! What better way to celebrate your son or daughter's birthday than with a Lego party? A Lego Engineers party allows children to play, create, innovate and collaborate with their favourite people. Exciting problem solving challenges will be presented for kids to solve using Lego building and team work (customized to the birthday child's interests), as well as time for open ended lego play with their friends. 


The excitement doesn't stop there! A special guest (Lego character) will make a special visit to see the birthday child and their friends. The character will also be available for photos to capture your child's special day and allow you to enjoy the exciting memories for years to come!


In addition to the hour of Lego programming, an hour is included in the space to use as you wish for cake, presents, etc. We take care of the clean up and are available to help all throughout the event allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this special milestone in your child's life.


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Lego Engineers Party