Did you know that research and education experts claim there is a significant correlation between involvement in the arts and achievement in the classroom? An education which is rich in variety, visual stimuli, cognitive development, positive reinforcement and creative thinking can help children grow brains better able to face the challenges of future learning. Why not enrich your child's imagination and mind this winter with our 12 week art program for kids? Students will get to explore and develop their fundamental art skills in a fun small group setting while experimenting with connections to science each week. 


Program Day: Saturday Mornings

Time: 11:10AM-12:05PM

Grades: P-6

Dates: January 12th-March 30th (12 Classes)


If you'd like to reserve a spot for your child, please contact Launchpad Learning Academy by email or phone today!


Email: contact@launchpadlearningacademy.com


Tel: (902) 565-9955